ATA TESOL Vietnam Courses

 Standard TESOL Foundation course – International English Teaching License

It is the first mandatory part of the various TESOL programs offered by the ATA – TESOL College. For example, it is part 1 of the 2-part Program 1 (Advanced TESOL Teacher Certificate-120 Hours). It is classed as a 60-Hour course, and takes at least 60 hours to complete.

Courses Entry Requirements:

greencheckComplete a placement test.
greencheckUndertake an interview with an ATA TESOL representative in Vietnam or online.




The TESOL Foundation Certificate is awarded at the end of the in-class course. The 60-Hour elective course(s) are to be completed either online or by correspondence.

The Core “Standard TESOL Course” qualifies you to teach English in over 80 countries around the world. Material covers TESOL communication, conversation, listening, speaking, pronunciation, reading, writing, grammar, and overseas employment. Specifically, we will cover these topics:

Preparing to teach English
Classroom TESOL approaches and methods
Conversation, pronunciation and communication
Listening, speaking, reading and writing
Lesson planning and teacher preparation
Phonology and linguistics
Grammar review
Communicative approach
Activity-based learning
Promoting dynamic student/teacher interaction
Teacher and student role reversal
Video training and analysis
Music, song, and media for language acquisition
Teaching philosophy (positive attitude, humour)
English for special purposes (courses and career options)
TESOL and the internet