TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is an international certificate for teaching English to people who use English as a foreign/second language.

Along with the need to learn and use English fluently, communicating in the international environment and the need for a team of professional English teachers, who are recognized and evaluated according to international standards is constantly increasing. TESOL certification is now required and is also one of the international standards for teachers when teaching English in countries where English is not the native language; including Vietnam.

TESOL gives learners the understanding of advanced methods and practical applications when teaching English. With TESOL training, teachers will be prepared and familiar to classroom situations and how to organize flexible classes; with integrated activities in the application of language lessons. This will help students to be motivated and excited.

Having run these courses in Vietnam for the past 13 years and taught at many Schools and English language centers in Vietnam, we understand the needs of English learners, our TESOL training programs therefore provide direction for teachers who will be teaching English.  Our method is “learner-centred”, which means the focus is on our students.  Accordingly 80% of classroom time students are practicing and communicating, the remaining 20% of the time the teacher acts as a mentor. So after just a short period practitioners can feel progress in their use of English.

Compared with traditional teaching methods or existing teaching methods, the TESOL program makes a clear breakthrough significant for both teachers and learners. TESOL has shown differences in methods of teaching foreign languages in general and English in particular, such as language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) to be passed on to students through practical application, activities and interaction. This positive interchange creates a new learning environment which is dynamic, friendly and is especially efficient for learners and teachers in each lesson.